Our Advisors' Philosophy is synonymous with our commitment to you; we will work as hard to help invest and preserve your money as you have earning it.

We believe the greatest risk you face is human nature; it's far too easy to make poor decisions when emotionally compromised. When reading our Philosophy, you'll get a glimpse of how we eliminate these expensive behaviors and drill down your clearly articulated financial objectives. The Abel Approach answers the very important question, "At the end of your working days, will you have the resources to do all of your 'next things' in life?"

Through this process, we draw upon the collective wisdom of those who are experienced in the art of investing throughout history. Leo Abel says of the process, "The first time I learned of the idea of focusing on investment behavior, I knew how valuable it would be in helping clients act in ways consistent with methods employed by experienced investors."

As one piece of the Abel Approach, our Philosophy encompasses three time-tested principles.*

Faith: In your customized plan designed specifically to help pursue your financial goals. It's a plan to trust and rely upon as you face the unsettling ups and downs of the changing economic climate.

Patience: Investing is a marathon, not a sprint, and being a smart investor requires patience. Sometimes you have to step aside and give the time-tested principles a chance to work.

Discipline: This is the vital ability to adopt a plan and stick to it. Emotional responses will no longer sway decisions regarding your family's wealth.

*The Six Pillars include some of the ideas and concepts found in Nick Murray's book Behavioral Investment Counseling in Chapters 4-6. Copyright 2008 Nicholas Murray.

Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected. Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Individual results will vary.

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